Member & Clients Registration

Esacco allow SACCOs & MFIs to know their clients by capturing, processing & analyzing bio data, demographic data from members and clients. Categorizes member and clients in multidimensional attributes.Allow SACCOs & MFIs to automatically wish their members and clients Happy Birthdays & Anniversaries - Customer Retention

Savings & Contributions

Esacco Sacco Software allow SACCOs & Microfinance Institutions to run multiple Saving Products including Interest Accruing Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts, Non-Interest Savings Account, with Ease. Esacco generate comprehensive statements and allow emailing of the same.System also sends automated SMS alerts on account activities.

Loans Management

Esacco Supports multiple loan products as offered by MFIs, SACCOs & Credit Lending Companies including reducing balance interest based, straight line interest based, Microfinance Reducing Interest based & Product Loans among others.Track Loan defaulters, freeze, waiver, write-off interest & loans as it may be necessary. Coupled with automated & Scheduled SMS alerts simplifies debt collection for the organization.

ESACCO - The SACCO Management Software & Microfinance System Inspiring Dreams. Try Us 4 FREE

Esacco is a secure system designed in Kenya to manage operations within SACCOs, MFIs, Cooperatives & Banks promoting growth and stability within the institutions and their members & clients.Guarantees compliance to regulation, accountability, efficiency and cost cutting

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Esacco provides 24/07 support, support technology includes online chats, phone, emails, Teamviewer and even site visits. We are 24/07 listening to you.

Esacco supports the SASRA SACCO Information Management guidelines.The system assist Sacco & MFIs to comply with the regulatory bodies through implementation of standard procedures and controls as it may be defined.

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Esacco utilizes modern technology to deliver secure, efficient, convenient service offering for SACCOs, MFIs, Cooperatives & Banks clientèle. MPESA Integration, SMS Alerts & Notifications, Mobile & Online Banking and Email Statements among others.

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